Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillow YUKON

by MrsCopyCat

Size:2" keychain

Say hello to 'Yukon' - undoubtedly the most vocal Tuxedo Cat in the whole place! He's not one for those lazy lie-ins; he'd rather serenade us with early morning meows requesting breakfast at dawn. His enchanting mask and mantle face are charming enough to make up for his clamor.
Our Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillows are detailed with love and care, crafted using top of the line fabrics, stuffings, and inks - we ensure precision in every minor detail. YUKON's adorable drawing is a peek into countless snapshots of his bubbly self on my phone.

No need to push the panic button about the plushie's print fading or bleeding with our state-of-the-art sublimation technique. It promises to keep YUKON's print sharp.
Throw in a gentle wash and low temp dryer spin, and you'll see this little plushie holds its vibrancy and charm for years.

Go on, make YUKON the Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillow, or one from our other Tuxedo Cats, the newest family member. Adopt today! Time waits for no cat, human.

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