Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillow PICASSO

by MrsCopyCat

Style:Mustache on his right side

Introducing 'PICASSO', the one and only beloved Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillow. Doesn't his adorable half 'stache just make your heart melt?

Quite the gentleman himself, his pillows are exquisitely hand-made, crafted only from the finest materials. Each fabric, stuffing and ink detail is given the utmost care and attention. Our little 'PICASSO' comes to life, hand-drawn from one of his cherished photographs in my collection.

Fear not about fading or bleeding, thanks to our top-notch sublimation technique. 'PICASSO's print stays as bright and sharp as day one, even after a machine wash and tumble dry on low, ready for love and cuddles for years to come.

Still pondering? Well, don't! Welcome 'PICASSO' into your loving home today! Or, perhaps, one of our other charming Tuxedo Cats may catch your eye. 

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