Santa Pug Dog Toy Pillow OTIS

by MrsCopyCat

Size:5" Ornament

Attention all pug owners and Christmas enthusiasts! Let us introduce you to our delightful Christmas Plush Toy Collection of Santa Pets! These are the perfect accessory to add some charm to your tree or fireplace, building up the anticipation for Santa's visit!

Crafted with love and dedication, each Santa Pet is a result of top-quality fabrics, stuffing, and inks. Every little detail is meticulously taken care of. Wondering about the designs? Nope, we didn't take the easy way out with any fancy app swaps. Each of our Santa Pets was drawn by hand!

Thanks to our advanced sublimation printing technique, the festive colors of these plushies will remain bold and bright through every Christmas season. Worried about maintenance? Don't be! They're conveniently washable and dryable on low heats. These plushies will stay vibrant and ready to cheer up your festive mood for years to come.

So welcome 'OTIS' The Santa Puppy this season with a message of warmth!

Merry Christmas!

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