Russian Blue Cat Plush Toy Pillow MIKE

by MrsCopyCat

Size:3" keychain

Allow us to present our cuddle champion, 'MIKE'! A top-seller in our Plush Toy Pillow collection, he's eagerly awaiting your snuggles.

Crafted with the cozy Minky fabric and squishy stuffing, 'MIKE', The Russian Blue Cat, is handmade happiness. His softness is seriously off the charts. Think he's irresistible enough? We bet, you can't wait to give him a squeeze!

Plus, we've got you covered for lasting vibrancy. We use sublimation printing for our plushies, ensuring no color blurs or fades, even with the test of time.

Wondering about the clean-up? Easy peasy! A gentle machine wash and tumble low would keep MIKE as fresh as a daisy.

So, size-up your snuggle squad! It's time to start your super comforting journey with MIKE. Let the plush party begin! 

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