Medium Hair Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillow OREO

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" Keychain

Meet 'OREO', our handsome Medium Hair Tuxedo Cat Plush Toy Pillow, absolutely not named because of an insatiable sweet-tooth for a certain beloved cookie.

Crafted from the lap of luxury, or should we say double-sided Minky fur-feel fabric, OREO promises a cuddly touch.
Every single one of our plushies is meticulously handmade with passion, the best materials, two cups of patience, and a truckload of love. 

Our artists brought him to life using pure talent, no apps were exploited in this process.
Sublimation printing is our secret recipe, and it ensures the colors on our toys remain bright and sharp for time immemorial. Say goodbye to color fading!
Need to clean OREO? Fear not! He is washable and dryable on low temperatures, promising long-lived vibrancy even after countless sleepovers and bear hugs.

Ready to adopt OREO or one of his furry pals? Dive into our cuddly collection of cat and dog designs now!

Also available as Orange Cat!

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