Medium Hair Orange Cat Pillow RUSTY

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" Keychain

Meet Our Adorable Medium Hair Orange Cat Plush Toy, 'RUSTY'.
RUSTY was named after another beloved cat that used to live in our house before us. After the previous owner passed, RUSTY decided to relocate across the street, but he frequented our place quite often.

This cuddly toy pillow is made from a double-sided print Minky fur-feel fabric, giving it an incredibly soft touch - almost as if you're petting an actual cat!
Each of our toys is handcrafted with the utmost love and care, using only top-grade materials. Everything from the stuffing and fabrics to the vibrant colors is treated with meticulous attention to detail.

Speaking of colors, Rusty is not just another mass-produced toy. He is a work of art, hand-drawn with no aid of apps and stands out with his bright and long-lasting colors, thanks to our sublimation printing technique.
Our plushie is easy to care for. You can wash and dry it at low temperatures, and it will stay as vibrant as the day you brought it home, ready for countless snuggles!

Ready to bring a new furry friend into your life? Adopt RUSTY or one of our adorable cat or dog designs today!

Also available as Tuxedo Cat!

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