Organic Catnip Silver Vine Blend

by MrsCopyCat


Introducing our "Killer Catnip!" This purrfect blend combines the impeccable mix of leaf and flower catnip, perfectly amplified with the mighty silver vine fruit powder. Our reusable tins pack 0.5oz of USA grown fresh Organic catnip.

It's the ultimate pawlice-worthy ingredient to stuff into our refillable, knife-shaped catnip toys or sprinkle over those tempting scratching posts. Absolutely ideal for turning your feline friend's playtime into a hilarious crime scene!

Our Catnip and Silver vine Blend is an extraordinary combination that can elicit the desired response in your cat. Sometimes, certain cats are unable to smell catnip. By including silver vine, we can effectively stimulate these cats and make them just as excited. 

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