Gray Tabby Cat Plush Toy Pillow SILLY

by MrsCopyCat

Size:3" keychain

Introducing our laugh-out-loud kitty, 'SILLY'! Our Gray Tabby Cat Plush Toy Pillow provides an enormous yawn only a cat can deliver.

Crafted by hand using ultra-soft Minky fabric and stuffed with the plushiest filling, 'SILLY' is the 'cat's meow' of toys.

Made with top-notch materials, from the fabric to the bright inks, each detail is thoughtfully crafted. And no factory-style processes here. SILLY is entirely 'hand and heart sketched'!

Thanks to our modern sublimation printing technique, colors stay radiant, and the toy is easy to wash and dry. That way, SILLY can be your go-to cuddle buddy for a long time to come.

In need of a snuggly kitten? Order one today!


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