Orange Tabby Cat Plush Toy Pillow SAMMY

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" keychain

Introduce yourself to our attention-grabbing Orange Tabby Cat, SAMMY! It's easy to spot his vibrant shades; he just can't resist lighting up the room.

This Plush Toy Pillow is made from the snugly soft double-sided Minky fabric for a fur-like feel.
Our artisans put their hearts into creating each of our plushies, with a commitment to using only the finest materials. From the fabric and filling to the striking inks, we leave no detail overlooked.

And guess what? SAMMY 's crafted the old-fashioned way; his design is authentically sketch drawn. Not a whiff of automated apps in sight.
We use a special sublimation printing technique to make sure SAMMY’s bright hues stay bubbly and fresh for ages.

Smudged from a long day of cuddles and playtime? No worries, SAMMY handles a quick spin through the wash (low temps please!) and tumble dry like a champ. He'll come out vibrant and as good as new!

Don't settle for less, adopt SAMMY, or better yet, why not add him to your plush family with one of our adorable cat or dog designs! Come on, SAMMY is lonely, let's get him some company!

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      Customer Reviews

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      Dale M.

      I bought Sammy to help my wife get over having to re-home our 2 cats, one of whom is a Ginger Tom cat named Marmalade...
      She loves it and sleeps with it...

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