Vampire Cat Plush Pillow DRACULA

by MrsCopyCat


Hey, feline friends and Halloween buffs! Say hello to our fang-tastic Vampire Cat Plush Pillow known as 'DRACULA', which is the real deal; Fangs and all!

Labor of love with top-drawer fabrics, stuffing, and hues are what's behind this purrfect creation. DRACULAR was hand-sketched straight from a snap. No geeky apps or AI input required.

We boast an avant-garde sublimation print method that ensures RAVIOLI's knockout colors remain dazzling each Halloween. Concerned about his mantle gathering cobwebs? Fear not! It’s effortlessly washable and can be dried under low heat. DRACULA will hold onto his vibrancy, ever ready to lift your eerie spirits for many Halloweens to come.

A Halloween high-five from DRACULA!

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