Tuxedo Cat Pride Plush Toy Pillow PALOMA

by MrsCopyCat


Presenting PALOMA - not your average Plush Toy Pillow! Crafted with panache, this Tuxedo Cat is geared up to flaunt its rainbow stripes as an unwavering LGBTQ ally.

Let's you think it's all show, no substance let me tell you, each Paloma toy pillow is handcrafted. Right from the velvety Minky fur to the vibrant, non-fade, double-sided rainbow print, we guarantee premium materials and meticulous attention to detail. Yes, we take pride in our Pride Pillows!

And no, Paloma is not high maintenance. Spotted dirt on her fur? Toss her into the washing machine, let it spin on low, and voila! She’s as good as new – and ready to be displayed or just cuddled incessantly.

So, are you game to join Paloma and embrace the ally spirit? Snag one of these plushies today, and let's celebrate diversity with merriment!

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