Red Heeler Plush Toy Pillow COOL GIBSON

by MrsCopyCat


Feel in chill mode with our Red Heeler Plush Toy Pillow, 'GIBSON'?

How could you resist that darling face, nifty T-shirt and retro 80s shades. Trust us, he's irresistible!
How snugly is he? Well, 'GIBSON' here is handcrafted with the softest Minky and plush stuffing. Go ahead, he's practically imploring you for a good squeeze!

Gibson's got features you can't ignore. His charm's got the power to thaw the iciest of hearts. And with our high-grade sublimation prints, Gibson's dashing good looks are here for the long run.
Worried about dirty paws? Relax! With a quick low-temp rinse and tumble dry, GIBSON'S as good as new.

So, what's the holdup? Time to kick-off a lovable adventure with 'GIBSON'!

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    Bobbi S.

    My daughter wanted a cute animal pillow for Christmas. I thought it would be cute to find one that looked like our dog Ruby. It's perfect she's going to love it!

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