Pug Puppy Plush Toy Pillow OTIS - LADY LIBERTY

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" Keychain

Fancy dolling up your little critters? Say hello to 'Otis' - our Pug Puppy Plush Toy Pillow with a flair for fashion!

Lovingly hand-stitched using plush Minky fabric and stuffed with dreamy, fluffy filling, Otis is your ultimate cuddling companion.

And those eye-catching features? Hand-drawn masterpieces that guarantee a grin every time you look down. And as for those striking colors, they're here to stay thanks to unbeatable sublimation printing.

Bonus: Keeping Otis clean and fluffy is no biggie. A gentle wash at low temperature and a tumble dry will do the trick.

So, why the wait? Don't just stand there, embrace the 'awww' and start your dress-up adventures with Otis today!

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