Gray Tabby Cat Plush Toy Pillow PELLE

by MrsCopyCat

Size:4" keychain

Say hello to our very serious German feline, PELLE - a resident at a Cat Cafe in Berlin. His Plush Toy Pillows are made from plush Minky fabric, stuffed with something that feels suspiciously like poodle hair (Who would have thought?!).

PELLE doesn't skimp on quality. We've got an all-star lineup from materials to inks! Not to brag, but we have a thing for attention to detail.

Did we mention there was no AI at work to create his drawing? Nope! PELLE was hand-drawn from a photo I snapped during a visit to the cafe. 

Sublimation printing keeps the colors so vibrant, they'll have your old socks begging for mercy. Plus, this kitty is both washable & dryable at a low setting.

Bring the Berlin vibe to your home and watch your mood lift up. With PELLE by your side, every day's a 'purrfect' day!

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