Custom Pet Photo Pillow

by MrsCopyCat


Turn Your Pet's Adorable face into a Cuddle Companion; their finest picture awaits transformation into a double-sided plush pillow. Ideal for pet fanatics, tiny tots or someone mourning their four-legged best friend, it's a genius gift you didn't know you needed.

Crafted in Ventura, California, these pet-inspired pillows are much more than stitch and stuffing. They're neatly brought to life with a meticulous eye for detail, the choicest of fabrics, and ink that would impress even Picasso himself.

Fear not, your pet's dashing face won't flutter away after a trip to the laundry. We employ the sublime sublimation printing technique on a fur-mimicking soft Minky fabric. Colors promise to stay put, resist fading and happily weather a machine wash or a tumble dry on low heat. Pawsome magic is on its way, folks!

Just upload your high resolution/quality photograph, we cut it out and send you a proof before printing the fabric. 

Custom Pet Shaped Photo Pillow:

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Made of 100% soft fur like Minky fabric
  • Double sided print
  • We will do some hand drawn magic, so more white edges!
  • Your pillow length/width is based on the shape of your photo! Long skinny pics make skinnier plushies than hedd shots or full body images


  • Nickel-plated/High quality
  • Size: key Ring 1” diameter
  • Swivel: 16 x 7mm


  • Has a green rat tail loop for hanging


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kelly B. (United States)
So perfect! Looks just like my sweet kitty

I absolutely love it! The fabric is really nice and cozy. It came out looking exactly like the picture. My sweet Snickle crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly at the start of May. I have had a hard time not having him to snuggle. This pillow gives me something tangible to hold. I love being able to see his face,, and while it doesn’t cure the sadness it helps. Ariane was so helpful throughout the process of picking out the perfect picture and answered all my questions. Working with Ariane was great! They were even able to fix the very tip of his ear that was cut off in the picture. I will be recommending these to all my friends!

Andrea F.
I love it!

This is my second custom pillow order and I absolutely love it! It is very well made and the photo detail is excellent. My sweet girl left me in April after over 15 years together and now I can once again hold and hug her whenever I want. Thank you for this special piece. ❤️

Gayle G.

The pillows are perfect! The whole experience was exactly what I'd hoped it would be - affordable, easy, communicative, fast. I was especially pleased and surprised that the material was soft and furry - a great comfort, as I miss my cats terribly. THANK YOU! I even made you a testimonial video. :D

Hi Gayle! We are so happy to hear that you love your custom pet photo pillow. We strive to make the experience affordable, easy, and fast for our customers. We are glad that you were pleasantly surprised by the soft and furry material, and we understand how comforting it can be to have a reminder of your beloved cats. Thank you for your kind words and for making a testimonial video. We truly appreciate it! Have a wonderful day. :D

Karen M.

I'm so thankful I made the decision to have my "Buddy" copied to a pillow. It turned out perfectly!

Ms. G.

Please read through, it's long, but absolutely describes the quality of Mrs.Copycat's work: Our beloved Benji of 12 years died unexpectedly right before Christmas. Needless to say, we were all shocked and heartbroken. My mum and brother especially so. Benji slept in my brother's room since the first day he came home as a puppy ("just for the night"... right), and he was my mum's #1 companion, health alert, and "other child" (she would say good morning to him before acknowledging any of us first, lol). I came across Mrs.Copycat while trying to find a solution to help my family (and especially my mum) through grieving. Ariane was an angel. She was kind, caring, and extremely helpful through the entire process, communicating with me every step of the way. The quality and craftsmanship of Mrs.Copycat's pillows are evident with the following event: The day my order arrived, my mum was having a particularly rough day. She was depressed, saying how much she missed Benji and how she just wanted to hold him one more time. When she opened her present, she immediately started sobbing and hugging the pillow tightly. My brother was noticeably cheered up by his pillow and started putting it around the house, in all of Benji's favorite spots. These pillows are superb. The images are on both sides and extremely realistic. They do not look like some obvious ironed on, screen-printed, or copy/paste cheap thing. They are carefully and expertly created, with attention to detail and clear and vibrant imaging. The material is perfect- a soft, minky material that provides a realistic furry touch. Not only is the outer appearance and quality of the pillow excellent, but the inside of the pillow is perfect as well. They are very well-stuffed; firm and solid, they hold up very well, providing excellent substance for hugging and holding. You will not be left with a droopy, bumpy, floppy, mess of a pillow with these pillows. Everything about Mrs.Copycat's is quality. The customer service is caring professional. The turnaround time and shipping is expedient. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is perfect. I can honestly say that because of the quality and detail, these pillows really have helped my family through our time of grief. My mum especially hasn't been as sad and crying since getting her pillow. Whenever she starts feeling down, she just looks at or gets her pillow and holds Benji for a while, and it helps. I cannot say thank you enough to Ariane for her work. She truly has been an angel. 1000x recommend to everyone. *Pillow sizes were the Large- absolutely recommend getting this size*

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