Black Cat Mens or Women's T-Shirt MERCURY

by MrsCopyCat


Meet 'MERCURY,' our white Black Cat classic crew Women's 4.5-ounce 100% cotton neck tee. This is no ordinary ladies tee. Crafted from the finest Spectra Spun ring-spun cotton, the fit is snug, and the confidence game is real. It's a fitting tribute to classic American-made robust tees of yesteryear.

Or look at a Men's 'Roughneck' 5.8-oz 100% cotton tee, the unbeatable offering from Spectra USA. It's not only tough but also designed for the hard-living. 
We've kept it safe too. The inks used are water-based and non-toxic.
Guess what? They are in stock and ready to ship right from CA!

So, don't wait. Grab it now!



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