The Story behind the Bloody Knife Pet toys MrsCopyCat

What's the Story behind the Bloody Knife Pet Toy?

The genius behind creating a gruesomely delightful knife pet toy sparked into existence whilst binge-watching the mind-boggling series DEXTER, starring the incomparable Michael C. Hall, in 2013.
DEXTER Morgan, the captivating character gracing the streets of Miami, possesses an unparalleled understanding of blood splatters while simultaneously indulging in his macabre habit of, ahem, solving (okay, fine, committing) murders. You see, he's a serial killer of the bad guys - the only ones who seem to meet his vigilante criteria. And how does he orchestrate these justice-infused slayings? With none other than a trusty knife.
Now, here's where the captivating chaos weaves through unexpected territory. Cats and dogs - yes, your beloved furry companions - have no direct connection to our obsession with DEXTER. But, picture this: my husband and I, glued to the TV screen, engrossed in the gripping escapades of Dexter Morgan, all while sharing our humble abode with two charming kitties. Oh, and let's not forget, I was immersed in running a thriving online business that specialized in crafting adorable felt fruit toys to tickle the fancy of pets across the land. It was during this fateful time that the first ever knives were born, initially intended as Halloween delights for kids. However, it wasn't long before those gruesome blades transformed into the famous and blood-curdling Bloody Knife Catnip Toys by November 2013!


Oh, the twists and turns of fate, bringing together the world of clandestine serial killers and the playfully wicked antics of our fur balls. It may seem like an unconventional connection, but trust me, when inspiration strikes, you simply can't ignore it!
Before you could even say "meow," the catnip toy skyrocketed to the top of the charts, leaving it no choice but to become a certified bestseller. And that's when things got bloody, folks! Next on the scene were the dashing Bloody Knife Dog Squeaky Toy and the oh-so-charming Bloody Cleaver Toys.



With upgraded designs and top-notch materials, these gruesome goodies gained a special place in the heart of our four-legged assassins. Let the killer cats and dogs rejoice, for their diabolically delightful playthings have arrived!