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Fun Facts about Catnip

What is catnip?

Catnip, the superstar herb loved by cats worldwide, possesses a super special chemical that turns our feline friends into hormonal entertainers. Behold the majestic sight of a cat on a catnip high!
Let's dive into the world of this extraordinary herb, known scientifically as Nepeta cataria and cheered on by the Mint family of herbs. Originating from the enchanting high deserts of North America, catnip spread its cool vibes all the way from its roots in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean to cozy Canada.
Throughout the ages, wise herbalists have harnessed the power of catnip to combat colic, headaches, toothaches, and spasms. Hey, why not enjoy a cup of catnip tea to get that mild stimulant kick? And just when you thought it couldn't bring any more benefits, it turns out catnip is actually a seductive sleep-inducing agent!
So there you have it, folks. Catnip, the multi-talented herb that keeps cats bouncing, humans sipping, and insomniacs dreaming.


What can I expect as a reaction to catnip from my cat?

Cats, oh mischievous little creatures! Their reactions are as diverse as a box of assorted chocolates. We have the fearless hunters and stalkers who fiercely conquer their toys. Then there are the hyperactive sprinters, zooming around like they've just had an espresso shot. Ah, but let's not forget the fancy loungers who elegantly sprawl out and indulge in a delightful toy nibble, lick, and drool fest - oh the sophistication! Now, here's where it gets interesting, my friends. We have the sniff-challenged kitties who can't detect the enchanting aroma of catnip, poor souls. It's like they're missing out on the feline equivalent of a great party DJ!


Why is my cat acting like that when it smells or eats catnip?

Cats, both domestic and wild, totally freak out over this super cool natural chemical called "Nepetalactone" found in the catnip plant. It's like their very own personal party drug! This fancy compound is the main ingredient in catnip's essential oil and it causes some harmless yet mind-blowing reactions in certain felines.
Now, get this: our feline friends have a secret weapon hidden on the roof of their mouth called the Vomeronasal gland. It's their magic tool to analyze and sniff out other cats' pheromones, including the ones found in pee. And guess what? The Nepetalactone in catnip is basically a doppelgänger of those pheromones. It's like slipping a cat-sized flirty cologne on them, no wonder they can't resist the allure of catnip!
Scientists have gone bonkers studying this whole phenomenon. Turns out, the Nepetalactone induces some crazy psychosexual response in male and female kitties alike. Yep, you heard it right, catnip is like their very own little aphrodisiac. No wonder they go nuts chasing their tails and rolling around like a bunch of love-drunk furballs!
So, next time you see your furry buddy go wild over some catnip, just remember they're having the time of their lives thanks to a hallucinogenic plant compound. It's like their own personal rave, right in your living room. Meowvelous!



Can I overdose my kitty with too much catnip?

It's highly unlikely, but cats have this uncanny ability to know when to call it quits. If you shower your feline friend with truckloads of catnip, she'll eventually show her disdain by turning her nose away from its irresistible charm. But fear not, fellow cat lovers! This temporary rejection won't linger for too long, because in a few short days, your little furball will most likely be back at that catnip stash, ready for another wild playtime extravaganza. Cats, huh? Always keeping us on our toes!

Is catnip good for my cat?

Absolutely! Listen to this expert advice straight from the veterinarian's office: catnip is the ultimate secret weapon to turn your chubby, ancient feline into a weight-loss champion. It's like a magical catalyst that transforms them into nimble little furballs, improving their overall health. Don't you worry, my friend, you can confidently gift your cat some catnip toys without any hesitation. Just remember, all the excitement should be in moderation – no overindulgence, folks! Stick to a modest 1 or 2 spoonfuls, a couple of times a day. Trust me, a smidgen of this stuff is all you need to set your cat on a paw-some journey towards ultimate fitness!

What shouldn’t I do with catnip?

It's like this: catnip is the forbidden fruit when it comes to training your furball to use the litter box. Trust me, there are plenty of fancy new litter options out there, but your picky feline might turn up its nose and walk away, leaving you with a stinky situation. So, heed my advice and never sprinkle catnip in the litter box. Why, you ask? Well, because that mischievous little creature will probably gobble it up along with some not-so-pleasant litter nuggets. Gross!
And let me tell you, using catnip in the litter box is like playing Russian roulette with your feline friend's health. It's a risky game that can result in all sorts of nasty diseases. Yikes! Plus, imagine the confusion it'll create in your little buddy's mind. One moment, they're thinking it's a playtime paradise, and the next, it's suddenly a potty palace. Talk about a cat conundrum!
So, save the catnip for their toys, the scratching post, or even as a special treat. But please, don't mix it up with the litter. It's a recipe for disaster that even Gordon Ramsay couldn't fix. Trust me, your cat (and your nose) will thank you!


My cat is already hyper, maybe he doesn’t need catnip?

Naturally, the decision lies in your paws! Catnip has this incredible power to transform a hyper feline into a turbo-charged whirlwind of activity. And once they've completed their mind-blowing sprinting escapades, behold as they gracefully surrender to a serene slumber, allowing you to savor their tranquil presence!


What is the best way to store catnip? What is catnip shelf life?

"Don't worry, kitties! When it comes to their beloved catnip, they only need a teeny tiny concentration of about 1 part per million of the irresistible attractant called 'Nepetalactone.' So, no need to panic!
Now, here's the deal with these herb-bearing essential oils - they may be potent, but sadly, they tend to lose their mojo over time. But fear not! The secret to slowing down this unfortunate process is to store your precious catnip in a hermetically sealed container like a fancy bag or tub. Keep it far away from the evils of humidity and direct sunlight, basking in room temperature glory. Trust me, UV rays are like kryptonite to essential oils, and humidity? Well, it can eventually turn your catnip into mold city.
Oh, and by the way, some savvy folks out there store their catnip in the freezer. It totally works, but just remember to keep an eye out for any sneaky humidity buildup! Nobody wants soggy nip, am I right?
So, in ideal conditions (dry and dark, like a secret catnip cave), your little green treasure can stay fresh and fabulous for approximately 2 years. That's a lot of feline fun packed into one herb, my friends. Stay cool, cats!"


My cat doesn’t react to catnip. Why? Any alternative?

Did you know that around 15% of cats couldn't care less about catnip? Yup, they just don't respond to it, no matter how fresh or fancy it is. And if your feline friend is still a tiny tot under 6 months, they're basically immune to the joys of catnip, even if their genes are screaming for some excitement.
Now, brace yourself for this mind-blowing fact: Asian cat breeds are genetically predisposed to be total party-poopers when it comes to catnip. It's like they have their own exclusive VIP section where catnip is strictly forbidden. And let's not forget those common breeds that just lack the "gene response" to catnip altogether – it's all just Mother Nature playing her hilarious little game!
But fear not, fellow cat lovers, because there are alternatives! Believe it or not, there are some lesser-known plants that can create the same kooky effect on these picky kitties. Valerian Roots and Honeysuckle are two of these secret weapons, ready to unleash a mega-jubilant time upon your finicky feline!
So, if your cat's turning up its fancy little nose at catnip, we've got you covered. Our kitty toys are packed with a sensational catnip-silver vine mix that will have even the snobbiest of cats bursting with joy. Because when it comes to keeping our fur babies entertained, we don't mess around – not even with Mother Nature's twisted sense of humor!


How can I differentiate the quality of the catnip? There are so many companies that offer’s it.

Alright, folks! Let's kick off our 'Catnip Inspection 101' with an essential tip – scope out that vibrant green color! Just like a trendy houseplant, the brighter, the better! Now, let's unleash our inner feline detective and take a sniff through the packaging. A powerful whiff indicates we've got some premium catnip in our paws!
Oh, but beware the pale yellow catnip! It's like that old-school vinyl record that's been collecting dust for ages in some forgotten warehouse before landing on store shelves. Not exactly what we're looking for, right?
But hey, fear not! Our catnip connoisseurs have got your back. Our catnip is homegrown, all the way from the fabulous farmers of the USA! And listen up, here's the kicker – our catnip is always fresh from the current crop, like the hottest fashion trend of the year!
So, seize the day and treat your fluffy companions with the crème de la catnip. They deserve nothing but the finest, and we've got it right here, waiting for your discerning feline noses!


In what format is catnip available?

We've got a bunch of formats lined up, folks! The VIP of the gang is none other than the mighty "Leaf & Flower" format. It's basically a quirky blend of dried leaves, flower buds, and teeny-tiny pieces of stalk. But wait, there's more! We've got the "Kitty safe fine ground" format, the "Whole Bud" format for the feline connoisseurs, and even the compressed wizardry of "No mess catnip pellets". But hold your whiskers, folks, because the real showstopper is our essential oil catnip spray. Oh yes, we've extracted those catnip plants to obtain the purest Nepatelactone known to mankind – a whopping 96% pure, to be exact! We've mixed this treasure with distilled water to create our super potent potion. How's that for a tantalizing catnip lineup, huh? Check out our Killer Catnip Spray


killer catnip spry MrsCopyCat


Is there any other plants that contains that Nepi..Neppo…Nipa…Nepetalactone cat attactant?

You betcha! There are over a hundred groovy plant species hanging around with Nepetalactone in them. Now, these cool cats may not be the easiest to come by, but worry not, my friend! The internet has got your back with all the deets on these mysterious plants. Just a click away from discovering the secrets of the green kingdom!


What is Silver Vine?

Silver vine, a cheeky member of the kiwi family, goes by the sassy name Matatabi. This sly plant knows its power lies in its blossoms, transforming into fruit that resembles a funky medium-sized, brown dried nut. Oh, but wait for it! These bad boys are then ground into a fine powder. And just when you think this mischievous plant has proven its worth, the dried stems strut their stuff as Silver Vine dental sticks. Talk about a multi-talented sensation!

The feline folks simply adore Silver Vine because it's packed with not one but two purrfectly potent party starters - the sensational "Actinidine" and the ever-enticing Nepetalactone. That's right, approximately 70% of catnip-resistant kitties can't resist the charm of silver vine!


Are Catnip Pellets Safe for my cat? Can he or she eat them?

Catnip pellets are purrfectly paw-some for your feline friends. They're crafted from the finest, organically grown catnip in the green fields, just the way Mother Nature intended. Now, we can't spill the beans on other catnip pellets from different manufacturers across North America, so it's always a smart move to paws and question the content of those before offering them to your precious kitties.
Though these Catnip Pellets may not be officially labeled as cat treats, don't be surprised if your curious cats nibble on them whilst having a blast. Fear not, as it's just as safe as ordinary catnip, ensuring a totally meowgnificent experience for your fur babies.

How to give catnip buds to your cat?

For the most pawsome catnip experience, simply pinch and crumble our catnip buds using those nimble human fingers! Set those natural catnip essential oils free and say goodbye to any stray stems that might have stowed away. Now, watch as your feline friend(s) dive into the freshest and finest catnip fiesta!


Can I give catnip to my cat that has Asthma?

Absolutely not, my dear pet parent! The only occasion you should distance yourself from catnip is when your precious kitty happens to have feline asthma. Believe it or not, those itty-bitty particles floating around can really crank up their coughing and wheezing if they accidentally inhale them. So, you better keep that nip stash well-hidden, unless you want your furry friend to put on a show of sneezes and gasps!